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Should my business be an S corp

Ask Bob: Should My Business Be an S Corporation? 6 Myths and Facts

Posted on January 25th, 2019

CPA Robert Russo Breaks Down the Question: Should My Business Be an S Corporation?

Will it help or hurt me? That was the question on every small business owner’s mind on December 22nd, 2017 when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law. The team at Robert P. Russo, CPA has had a surge in the question: should my business be an S corp? We’re hearing it from LLCs and sole proprietorships – even employees wondering if now’s the time to launch that startup.

The answer to “should my business be an S corp”? It depends. There are benefits to becoming an S corporation (taking a distribution of dividends exempt from self-employment tax). But there are also pitfalls – if you don’t follow S corp requirements (take too large a distribution, and you could hear from the IRS).

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The Tax Consequences of Losing your Job

Posted on January 2nd, 2019

If you’ve lost your job you may have questions surrounding unemployment compensation, severance, and other issues that could affect your tax situation. Here are some answers: Read More…

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Don’t Miss Out! 7 Tips to Ensure Your Business Earns the 20% QBI Tax Deduction

Posted on December 17th, 2018

What is the 20% QBI Tax Deduction?

In the tax world – and at Robert P. Russo, CPA – everyone is talking about QBI. QBI stands for qualified business income, and it’s the key to unlocking a brand new 20% QBI tax deduction for certain business owners. Read More…

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Should my business be an S corp

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an NYC Accountant

Posted on December 12th, 2018

Congratulations! If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner on the hunt for an NYC accountant, it’s a sign of growth. It’s also a smart move. In a survey of 393 small business leaders, an accountant was ranked as the most important professional used by their business.

From potential tax savings to improved cash flow, an accountant is worth the investment – if you hire the right one. Before hiring an NYC accountant, ask these 7 questions:

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Tax Planning Seminar — December 10, 2018

Posted on November 7th, 2018


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